How Should You Get Your Tickets

We talked about shipping fees a little bit in another spot, but here, we’re going to talk about shipping, fees, and all of the options that you have pertaining to those things in a bit more detail. Basically, you have a few options when it comes to getting your tickets. There are e-tickets and there are physical tickets. E-tickets might need to be printed out, or you might be able to use them right from your phone. It depends on the venue you are going to, so check this out ahead of time so you’re not surprised. With a physical ticket, you just need to be sure that you have your physical ticket with you if you want to get in. Some venues have smart tickets that also require a photo ID. It’s usually smart to have this with you anyway, but be sure that you have it if your ticket falls into this category. There’s no sense in missing out just because you overlooked a minor detail like this.

And don’t forget to have fun. That’s why you’re going after all, isn’t it?

Saving Money

When it comes to getting your tickets, many people want to spend as little as possible to get them. In many cases, that’s a perfectly fine way to approach it, especially if you have several weeks before your tickets are needed. Depending on the tickets that you buy, you have a few options. Most big venues today now offer e-tickets, which makes things very convenient for you. Not only can you save money because of the lower fees associated with electronic tickets, but they are often available to you instantly, or within 24 hours in extreme situations. This is perfect for last minute buys. Let’s say your game starts in one hour, and you still don’t have tickets. Go online, find an e-ticket, buy it, and it’s there on your phone. Present your phone to the ticket clerk, and you’re in. E-tickets are sometimes free to ship, but they can cost as much as $15, depending on where you purchase them from. This fee comes from the security measures that a site needs to take to keep e-tickets safe from hackers and malware.

In other cases, e-tickets are not available for purchase. You will need to have your tickets physically shipped to you. Most sites require that you sign for these, so shipping can cost around $15, but if you choose something like an overnight service, the cost can be much higher. We’ve seen this go as high as $45, but it really depends on the event and the type of shipping you go with.

Another option is a will-call service. You can pick your tickets up at a location near the event itself. Just be sure to have a photo ID with you so that the employees making the exchanges now that you are the person that the ticket belongs to. Will-call isn’t free, but it’s usually a lot cheaper to use than any sort of shipping service. It all depends on what you’re looking for and how quickly you need it.

Knowing what your options are for actually getting your tickets is important. When you have these details under control, the process for getting tickets, getting to your show or game, and then having a great time is a lot smoother. Plan these details out ahead of time, and you will find that you have a lot more fun when you get to your event. Hopefully this little walk through helps.

We’ll talk more about taking care of the other details to help enhance your enjoyment next.