More Kids Need to Play sports

Why You Should Put Your Kid In Team Sports

Growing up, your parents probably put you in a team sport. You likely met some friends in that sport. You likely tried out a few before deciding which one fits your style. Even if it wasn’t something you enjoyed, your parents put you in because they wanted you to meet people and be active.

If you have a child and you’re deciding whether or not you want to place them in sports, you should probably lean towards doing so. Not only do they keep your child busy and fit, playing one works wonders on their self-esteem, their drive, and their sense of worth. Here are some reasons your kid should join a team sport.

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Joining a team sport places your child in a position of importance. They become a part of something bigger than them – one that requires them to rely on others just as much as they rely on your child. In the real world, you’re always working with other people. Teaching a child how to work with others to achieve a goal is one of the most important lessons they can learn. A sport not only does this but does it in a way that’s fun. They’re playing a game! They don’t want to be told they’re learning something too.


There are people out there that give up the minute something doesn’t go their way. These people were never taught discipline. Most goals worth achieving require commitment, time, and dedication. Joining a team sport will teach your child that good things come over an extended period of effort. They won’t be able to make that technical dribble or pitch a solid curveball right away, but sticking with their team and using each other to learn, these skills will pick up as time goes on.

Sports also require kids to maintain a schedule. Practice, meetings, dinners, games, etc. They’ll need to manage their priorities and make sure they attend these events.


Getting into a solid fitness routine is hard. Most adults never get around to it. Instilling the importance of fitness while young is a great way to make those habits stick throughout a lifetime. Sports require your child to get into some type of regime. Doing so teaches them proper form, how to eat right, the importance of rest, the effects of drugs and alcohol, and more. These routines can also help prevent eating/health disorders from springing up.


Team sports give you and your child a way to bond with each other. Picking them up from practice each day allows you some time alone. You can set times aside to go to the ball game together or to make dinner and watch it at home. A real bonding moment occurs when a child makes an incredible play on the field, only to look out into the stands and see their parent screaming and clapping in encouragement.

As anyone who’s spent time in them will tell you, team sports are a great way to build character while having fun. So much fun that kids won’t even notice it’s work! They develop people skills, discipline, and healthy routines. Kids and parents bond over them. The benefits of joining a team sport are almost endless.