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More Kids Need to Play sports

Why You Should Put Your Kid In Team Sports

Growing up, your parents probably put you in a team sport. You likely met some friends in that sport. You likely tried out a few before deciding which one fits your style. Even if it wasn’t something you enjoyed, your parents put you in because they wanted you to meet people and be active. If you have a child and you’re deciding whether or not you want to place them in sports, you should probably lean towards doing so. Not only do they keep your child busy and fit, playing one works wonders on their self-esteem, their drive, and their …

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Get to a Game Soon

Why You Should Go To The Game

Sports are one of societies favorite pastimes. Be it baseball, football, hockey, even the more obscure ones. Going to the game is an unmatched experience. Walking into the massive baseball stadium, feeling the intense animosity in the air as players perform their pre-game rituals, and the smell of hot dogs, peanuts, and beer. It’s unmistakable, and it’s something you need to experience every once and a while. Your parents will tell you best. Are you having a hard week? Head to the game, forget your hardships for a while and watch the best athletes in the world perform. It’s hard …

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Catch the Foul Ball

3 Crazy Things That Can Happen At The Game

Playing a professional sport is an insane feat in and of itself. Going to watch one is nothing short of a moving experience. Some games go above and beyond the others. Whether through luck or pure skill, these are events that attendees will remember for the rest of their lives. The No-Hitter The hype is always high at the start of a baseball game. It’s 0-0, the teams have a fresh go at each other, and the fans are roaring and ready for the game to get in motion. Then, the pitcher of your team throws a no-hitter in inning …

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